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We are a Canadian immigration consulting firm, for individuals and companies, either within or outside of Canada.


We also represent refugee and asylum cases in Canada, as well as Residences for Humanity and Compassion.


Di Leone Group has positioned itself as one of the most successful companies in immigration and humanitarian processes in Canada, thanks to our high level of positive cases.


Di Leone Group has a properly trained human team to ensure the success of the cases we represent. Led by a team of consultants accredited by the Government of Canada.


We guarantee our clients the best care and service at all stages of the cases we represent.


Tell us about your case, register in our system for a consultation, and let us guide you on your way to success.

We represent cases throughout Canada, additionally licensed for the provinces of Quebec and Saskatchewan.




We will contact you to schedule an appointment with one of our consultants

If you want to receive a personalized attention, please call us to our customer service phone +1 587 316 6555

Our Services

  • Visitor Visa

  • Discovery travels

  • Students

  • Temporary workers

  • International Experience

  • Family Sponsorship (spousal, common-law, siblings, parents, etc)

  • Express Entry

  • Provincial Nominate Program

  • Work 

  • Caregiver

  • Refugee or Asylum

  • Humanitarian & Compassionate PR

  • International agreegments
  • USA, México, Perú, Colombia, Europe.​
  • LMIA​
  • Detainees
  • Appeals
  • Citizenship

Leonardo Di Leone


Leonardo Di Leone is an RCIC, he has covered positions, related to newcomers, immigrants and refugees for over a decade.This experience makes it clear...

Karen Klouth


Karen Klouth, is a Canadian Immigration Consultant, RCIC active member of ICCRC and CAPIC. Karen is a lawyer in Mexico, and she worked for the Supreme Court of ...

Nathalia Murgas


Nathalia Murgas, is a Canadian Immigration Consultant, RCIC active member of ICCRC and CAPIC, with a vaste experience in Canadian Immigration Programs analysis...

Our Team

Master Phone: +1 587 316 3000

Toll-Free: +1 844 DI LEONE (345 3663)

Fax: +1 587 316 6233

Whatsapp Atencion al Cliente: +1 403 667 9263

Whatsapp Marketing: +1 701 409 3935


Local phones/Telefonos locales:


Calgary: +1 587 316 6555

Vancouver: +1 604 734 1494

Toronto: +1 905 824 1814

Montreal: +1 514 209 5062


Texas: +1 713 933 8234

Florida: +1 954 600 7787

Calgary Office:

3115 12 Street NE, Suite 145
Calgary, Alberta

Other contact info:

Skype: dileonegroup


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